February 14, 2008

The altar is a small white cube. [n] stands behind it, loaf in hand, explaining what this ritual means. He speaks calmly, so we are unprepared for what is coming. This is Christ`s body, broken for you. And he throws the bread down on the floor. This is Christ`s blood, shed for you. And he throws the wine across the altar. It runs onto the floor like blood. We sit there, stunned. This is more shocking than anything before. Unexpected, ungentle, truthful. [m] picks up the bread and puts the pieces on the altar. She pours out more glasses of wine, but does not pick up the one spilled. We come up two by two. On each side of the altar is a mirror; as we kneel we watch ourselves and on it is written `You are my body.`

Brewin, Kester: The Complex Christ

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